Frontier's hybrid radio

Magic X Radio

Frontier's hybrid radio.
Frontier Smart Technologies has launched the FS2260 Magic X, a latest-generation smart radio (sometimes called a hybrid radio). The radio combines a state-of-the-art module, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and market-leading Frontier DAB / DAB + technology, offering a complete user listening experience.

Magic X is a fully integrated module, enabling fast time-to-market and low costs. It has also been rigorously tested in Frontier's renowned quality processes.
Our customers benefit from key modules because they reduce the time and effort involved in the complex development challenges of combining multiple radio/RF sources in a single package.

Prem Rajalingham, Managing Director of Frontier Smart Technologies.

Magic X offers a wide range of services: internet radio, podcast, DAB +, FM, Bluetooth, iOS / Android application control, and much more. SmartRadios integrating Magic X will have access to mediaU, Frontier's vast Internet radio catalog, which supports over 50,000 radio stations and 2.3 million podcast episodes. A unique feature of mediaU is that podcast episodes are made available within an hour of publication.

Magic X has been developed to ensure compliance with the forthcoming European cyber-resilience law, which will protect product manufacturers and end-users alike.

The module is suitable for a range of audio applications, including table radios, clock radios, microsystems, laptops and wireless speakers.

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