Flanders: digital radio on the rise


Flanders: digital radio on the rise
New figures from the biennial IPSOS survey show that Flanders is making progress in digitizing its radio landscape.

Today, almost half (49%) of all radio listening takes place via digital channels (DAB+, Internet, digital TV). This represents a significant increase on 2021, when digital channels accounted for 41% of listening volume. With solid growth from 19% (2021) to 30%, DAB+ is becoming increasingly important. DAB+ is the main driving force behind the transition from FM to digital. At home, at work, but above all in the car - with a striking increase from 34% to 48% - DAB+ is being listened to more and more.

The joint efforts of DPG Media, VRT and Mediahuis, several local radio stations and Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle to digitize the radio landscape are clearly bearing fruit. Together, they are using technology, content and communication to encourage Flanders to make the leap to digital listening. For example, the Flemish media are successfully launching "digital-only" radio stations and making extensive use of their FM channels to market and promote digital listening options. The government, meanwhile, is committed to the digitization of the radio landscape by making it mandatory for new cars to be equipped with DAB+. 

We've been working on the digitalization of radio for some time now. We've already taken a number of steps to promote digital radio. [...] We only really enter the digital radio landscape when the listener does too, and that seems to be the case. Awareness and use of digital radio has increased, across all target groups. As a result, the FM switch-off is getting closer and closer. I'm taking the necessary steps to define what's needed to achieve a high-quality, liveable digital radio landscape. The results of a large-scale radio study currently underway will serve as a basis.

Benjamin Dalle, Flemish Minister for the Media

Source : RedTech

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