New DAB+ alert system

Kino 4 Frontier

New DAB+ warning system. In an emergency, the authorities need to deliver a clear message quickly and reliably. In Germany and other European countries, DAB+ has been identified as a reliable means of transmitting urgent messages.

As a member of a WorldDAB working group, Frontier is participating in the development of a new EWS (Emergency Warning System) that will broadcast emergency warning messages on DAB+. The standard is due to be finalized in 2024, and compatible radios will be on the market by the end of the year.

Receiver functions will include :

  • Receive broadcast alerts from DAB+ stations in the EWS network;
  • Automatic wake-up of a receiver when an emergency alert is detected ;
  • Playback of audio alerts on receivers with optional text and images.

The Frontier Kino 4's integrated single-chip architecture is an efficient solution for optimizing power consumption. The receiver can quickly turn on, check for alerts, then return to standby mode. The chip comes with Frontier's DAB stack, with proprietary technologies such as BestTuneTM, ActiveScanTM and NoiseSkipTM, for improved radio reception.

As the world's most widely deployed DAB+ platform, the Kino 4 chip and its Siena / Siena-Pro module variants are the best solutions for creating products with EWS.

Frontier has already begun working with brands to plan their product roadmap to include EWS.

Source: Frontier Smart Technologies

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