Record deployment thanks to TDF

DAB+ rollout

Record deployment thanks to TDF. Throughout 2023, TDF's teams continued to roll out DAB+ digital radio in mainland France. In all, 100 DAB+ transmitters were put into service at 70 TDF broadcast sites in Occitanie, Lorraine, Limousin, Brittany, Anjou, the South-West, etc.

These figures testify to the mobilization and efficiency of TDF's technical experts and operational teams. Thanks to accelerated deployment, 55% of the French population now has access to DAB+ digital terrestrial radio.

In all, more than 550 radios are currently broadcast on DAB+. TDF's operations are currently focused on the second phase of deployment of the two nationwide multiplexes (M1 and M2), each comprising thirteen radios. Since October, TDF has started up 44 transmitters for these two multiplexes, in line with the DAB+ rollout plan piloted by Arcom. Deployment of phase 2 will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Deploying DAB+ transmitters on TDF sites sometimes requires complex installations. These are the subject of Research & Development work carried out at TDF's centers of expertise, located in Rennes, Liffré (35) and Toulouse (31), and reflect all the skill and technical know-how of TDF's teams. Some installations require extraordinary resources, such as heli-lifts or cranes, and are completed to very tight deadlines.

"The year 2023 marks an essential milestone for DAB+, with more than one in two French people now able to listen to the radio thanks to this technology. I'd like to thank our radio publisher customers for their confidence. I would also like to congratulate and underline the mobilization of TDF's teams, whose expertise and professionalism have enabled the deployment of a very large number of transmitters in a very short time" declared Karim El Naggar, Managing Director Audiovisual and Networks at TDF.

Source : La Lettre Pro

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