A DAB+ campaign

Advertising campaign

A DAB+ campaign. Ensemble pour le DAB+ launches its first communications campaign. It is produced by the Bronx agency and implemented by the Medialist media and digital agency. 

"Communicating about DAB+ is a key awareness-raising issue: today, only 17% of French people know about DAB+, even though broadcasting will reach major milestones in 2024. By the end of March, over 60% of the population will be covered by the metropolitan rollout of DAB+, and 45 of France's 50 biggest cities and all the roads linking them will be covered. At the same time, coverage in the regions is continuing, and the presence of DAB+ in cars is intensifying: since 2020, all new cars have been equipped with the new technology," says a press release.

The campaign is accompanied by the launch of a website to answer listeners' questions about DAB+: ensemblepourledabplus.fr. The site presents the DAB+ offer currently available and the roll-out schedule, both nationally and locally.

A large-scale, multi-media campaign produced by the Bronx agency and implemented by the Medialist media and digital agency, based on a radio campaign centered around a common spot broadcast on a massive scale by all the association's member radio stations, whether private, public, local or national, i.e. almost the entire audience for this medium, which reaches almost 70% of the French population aged 13 and over every day. On a poster campaign in the Paris metro, outdoors in the Ile-de-France region and in Nantes, Strasbourg, Lyon and Lille. Finally, a campaign on the social networks of the association's member radio stations.

Ensemble pour le DAB+ is an association created in 2022 on the initiative of the Bureau de la Radio, Radio France and SIRTI, with the aim of carrying out and coordinating communication actions around the development of DAB+, both nationally and locally. Today, it federates radio publishers present on the metropolitan DAB+ offer, publishers present on extended DAB+ allotments, SIRTI, the Bureau de la Radio, and DAB+ broadcast providers TDF and towerCast.

Source : La Lettre Pro

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