Yes FM in Metz

Ado and OÜI FM on DAB+ in Metz

Ado and OÜI FM on DAB+ in Metz.While DAB+ was in the spotlight at the Fête de la Radio, this technology continues to roll out in the regions, and will pass the symbolic milestone of 50% coverage of the ... Read More

Eastern Europe Agreement

DAB+ agreement in Eastern Europe

DAB+ agreement in Eastern Europe. An agreement has been signed in Budapest for the expansion of DAB+ radio in Eastern Europe. The signing of the agreement represents the conclusion of four years of consultations on frequency planning ... Read More


Austrian complaint against ORF

Complaint by Austrians against ORF: The complaint aims to force the Austrian Broadcasting Foundation to transmit its programs on DAB+. One million people already regularly listen to their radio programs on DAB+. ORF is expected to make its program available in ... Read More

Together for DAB+

"Ensemble pour le DAB+" launches campaign

"Ensemble pour le DAB+" launches campaignAt the Assises de la radio, the "Ensemble pour le DAB+" association announced the forthcoming launch of its first communication campaign aimed at the general public. The launch marks the official ... Read More

Radio festival

La Fête de la radio

La Fête de la radio.Roch-Olivier Maistre, President of ARCOM, initiated the idea of a major radio festival in 2020. The aim was to enable the French and all radio stations in mainland France and overseas to celebrate the ... Read More


Broadcast 2040+ campaign

The Broadcast 2040+ campaign aims to persuade the UK Government to protect digital terrestrial radio and television until at least 2040. The UK's leading organizations have joined the Broadcast 2040+ campaign to protect digital terrestrial ... Read More


Estonia's coverage increases

Transmitters have been installed in the counties of Tartu and Pärnu, and now over 70% of the Estonian population can listen to their favorite stations on DAB+. According to Risto Rosimannus, CEO of Duo Media ... Read More

FRAP SUN Training

FRAP offers DAB+ training

FRAP offers DAB+ training.Nantes : SUN hosts a training course on DAB+. FRAP (Fédération des radios associatives en Pays de la Loire) is offering a two-day training course on the technical and strategic challenges of DAB+, ... Read More


DAB+ a success in Austria

For the fourth time since 2020, Ipsos Market Research has conducted a study into the awareness and reach of digital radio in Austria. This time it was commissioned by RTR Medien GmbH. ... Read More


Broadcasting bill

Laurent Lafon presents a bill on public broadcasting reform and broadcasting sovereignty. Because, in his view, the "global reform of public broadcasting is no longer in doubt", ... Read More