Radio Screen launches new associated data management service for digital radios

Radio Screen launches the first associated data management service for broadcasting information for terrestrial digital radio (DAB +).

Already adopted in several cities in France such as Paris, Lille, Bordeaux or Marseille, the DAB + is increasing the terrestrial digital radio offer by including many advantages. Since 5 December 2018, the DAB + standard has been deployed in Lyon, Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse, and will cover 70% of French territory by 2020.

Radio Screen exclusively presents its new associated data management service for visual information broadcasting for radios transmitting in DAB +.

Developed by Radio Screen, this new data management service is intended for digital terrestrial radios to broadcast text and images corresponding to broadcast audio content, with real-time control. Thanks to Radio Screen’s new system, radios can now create and enhance the visual content of their programs while having control of the back office and allowing to check or add content at any time.

The radios will have access to their own library of illustrations with an image rights management by Radio Screen. During interviews, flash news or specific programs, the radio will be able to add visual illustrations, animators ‘or artists’ photos and to be in touch with the audio content. The Radio Screen Management Service allows up to 5 different illustrations per artist and also includes textual content.

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