DAB+: digital terrestrial radio arrives everywhere in France

The CSA has set the date of 15 July for the official launch of DAB+ throughout France. Digital terrestrial radio has actually existed in France since the 1990s, but in a limited way. The technology makes it possible to improve sound quality while offering additional services, somewhat in the same way as DTT. It requires a special receiver to be able to enjoy it. 

Soon you'll be able to say goodbye to your old radio set. The CSA has decided to launch DAB+ technology throughout France on 15 July 2020. DAB+ technology, for Digital Audio Broadcasting, is a new digital network for radios. The system must be able to transmit sound using the AAC+ standard (MPEG-4 Part 3).

This means both thatthere will be no more "frying" in case of poor reception (it will be all or nothing), and that additional services will be able to appear, such as thedisplay of additional information, as well as small images (the system can transmit data with a multiplex bandwidth in the order of megabit per second).

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