Many British organizations have joined the Broadcast 2040+ campaign

Their aim is to persuade the UK Government to protect digital terrestrial radio and television at least until 2040. Leading UK organizations have joined the Broadcast 2040+ campaign to protect traditional television and radio.


In Estonia Duo Media Networks has increased DAB+ coverage

Transmitters have been installed in Tartu and Pärnu counties and now more than 70% of the Estonian population can listen to their favorite stations on DAB+. According to Risto Rosimannus, CEO of Duo Media Networks, digital radio ... Read More

FRAP SUN Training

FRAP offers DAB+ training

Nantes : SUN hosts a training on DAB+. The FRAP (Federation of associative radios in Pays de la Loire) proposes a two-day training to understand the technical and strategic stakes of DAB+, on June 15 and 16 ... Read More


Study proves success of DAB+ in Austria

For the fourth time since 2020, the study on awareness and reach of digital radio in Austria was conducted by Ipsos Market Research. This time it was commissioned by RTR Medien GmbH. For the study, 2,900 ... Read More


Proposal for a law on broadcasting

Laurent Lafon presents a bill on the reform of public broadcasting and audiovisual sovereignty. Because for him, the "global reform of public broadcasting is no longer in doubt", at a time when the sector ... Read More

Sibyle Veil

Sibyle Veil is the new president of the EBU Radio Committee.

Sibyle Veil of Radio France was elected Chair of the new EBU Radio Committee at the 29th Radio Assembly in Athens. She has been president and CEO of Radio France since 2018. "In a changing environment ... Read More

Laser Radio

Radio Laser goes DAB+.

Radio Laser goes DAB+. Digital terrestrial radio is gradually being rolled out in France with DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting). That's why Radio Laser is embarking on the digital adventure. This new system allows you to listen to the radio for free and to listen to your favorite ... Read More

Radio Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic radios will no longer have limits on DAB+ licenses

End of radio license limits. A single company can have more than two national programs. On Friday, the Chamber of Deputies overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the Law on Broadcasting and Television, which has ... Read More


New fact sheet on DAB+ in Switzerland

In Switzerland, a new fact sheet on DAB+ radio has been created for car manufacturers as the country prepares to move away from FM. The WorldDAB fact sheet provides a comprehensive perspective on the DAB+ market in Switzerland and ... Read More


Wolverhampton DAB multiplex launched 53 days after license award

Wolverhampton DAB has launched its multiplex, which will reach over 380,000 people in the region. Wolverhampton's DAB+ multiplex was launched 53 days after the license was awarded, a record time for the UK. Chris Hurst, director of the ... Read More