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New DAB+ alert system

New DAB+ warning system. In an emergency, the authorities need to deliver a clear message quickly and reliably. In Germany and other European countries, DAB+ has been identified as a reliable means of transmitting messages ... Read More


WorldDAB: a new president

WorldDAB: a new president. Jacqueline Bierhorst has been elected President of WorldDAB, the global forum for the DAB+ digital radio industry. Bierhorst was previously vice-president and represents Digital Radio Netherlands. She succeeds Patrick Hannon, who is retiring ... Read More


Flanders: digital radio on the rise

Flanders: digital radio on the rise New figures from the biennial IPSOS survey show that Flanders is making progress in digitizing its radio landscape. Today, almost half (49%) of all radio listening is via digital ... Read More

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Italy and Poland extend DAB+ coverage

Italy and Poland extend their DAB+ coverage.The recent installation of new multiplexes has enabled Italy and Poland to improve their national DAB+ coverage. Italy Italian radio consortium Radio Digitale Piemonte has decided to improve coverage in the ... Read More


DAB+ 50% of population covered

DAB+ 50% of the population covered.Digital terrestrial radio, DAB+, continues to roll out across France. The number of radios available on DAB+ recently doubled in Angers, Limoges and Rennes. With its arrival in cities like ... Read More

Frequency allocation becomes affordable in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, frequency allocation is becoming affordable. After discussions with operators, the Czech Telecommunications Office has bowed to pressure and the price of frequency allocations for DAB+ multiplexes will be lower than initially forecast. Converted by ... Read More

DABPlus Poland

DAB+ tender in Poland

DAB+ tender in Poland.A tender for the extension of the DAB+ multiplex in Poland has been launched. The public broadcaster has decided that broadcasting in Katowice, Łódź and Opole will be handled by Emitel. The tender was launched in ... Read More

Martinique la 1ère

Martinique La 1ère on DAB+.

Martinique La 1ère on DAB+.Radio station Martinique La 1ère has received authorization to join the DAB+ experiment. The project, led by Imédias Group, involves broadcasting radio services in DAB+ from three sites in Martinique to ... Read More

EC Germany

Germany: DAB+ reception on the rise

Germany: DAB+ reception progresses. For the first time, more than half of all radios sold are DAB+ compatible. According to the CE Industry Compass survey by ZVEI and Deutscher TV-Plattform in cooperation with GfK, for the first time in ... Read More


UK in-car DAB+ listening on the rise

UK DAB+ listening in vehicles is on the rise. Data provided by RAJAR shows that DAB+ dominates in-vehicle listening, achieving a 51.2% share of listening in cars, vans and trucks. RAJAR announced that ... Read More