TDF and Radio Screen partner with dab+ radios to broadcast and illustrate their associated data

TDF, the FM and DAB+ broadcasting operator, and Radio Screen, the data broadcasting platform for digital radio, have announced their partnership. The aim of the partnership is to help radio stations launch their operations on DAB+ broadcasting, which is expanding across the country, by offering them an enhanced radio programme. 

As part of the partnership, TDF is giving its DAB+ customers the opportunity to test the Radio Screen service for several months. 

Radio Screen's service enables radio stations to display and manage customisable visuals and photos simultaneously with the audio program. This allows radios to illustrate music, presenters' interventions and advertising messages on the screens of vehicles equipped with a compatible receiver. Radio Screen has a catalogue of artists' images, associated with millions of music titles, and manages all the rights to broadcast the visuals for its users. Finally, TDF has developed an interface for taking over the data streams delivered by Radio Screen. 

As anindustrial partner of the publishers - the radio stations - TDF is a technical expert, offering its customers a complete range of services (programme collection, encoding, multiplexing, transport and broadcasting in DAB+ format) but also a multiplex operator. 

In addition to the associated data - images of artists, photos, etc. - which enrich the listening experience, DAB+ technology offers high quality sound and a wider range of free radio services.- In addition to the associated data - artist images, photos, etc. -which enriches listening, DAB+ technology provides high quality sound and offers a wider range of free radio services. In order to listen to DAB+ radio stations, you need a radio or car radio equipped with this technology. 

Franck Langrand, Managing Director of TDF's Audiovisual BU, said:

We are delighted to be partnering with Radio Screen to provide our DAB+ customers and their listeners with an additional quality of service. TDF is committed to supporting its customers, the broadcasters, to best meet their needs. To do this, we are relying on our expertise in radio broadcasting for more than forty years and offer a complete DAB+ package, from feed collection and headend, to signal transport via our existing network and, of course, broadcasting. 

Source TDF

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