Radio Classique develops its DAB+ network

Radio Classique application

As the digital transition of radio accelerates and mobile audio consumption becomes more and more important in the lives of the French, Radio Classique is responding to this transformation in usage with a project to develop its DAB+ network throughout 2023 and the launch of a new mobile application on March 21.

In 2023, 82% of French people listen to audio content every day, nearly half of which is online. Listening to live radio is at the heart of their habits, with 53%. With its unique positioning (news, music, culture and history), Radio Classique has strong growth potential to significantly increase its digital audience share, which is currently 20%.

To achieve this, the radio station is deploying a digital development strategy based on 4 pillars: a global media, both online and off, a producer of premium audio content, a multi-theme offer, both spoken and musical, and mobility at the heart of its audience acquisition.

Source : La Lettre Pro

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