Ado and OÜI FM on DAB+ in Metz

Yes FM in Metz

Ado and OÜI FM on DAB+ in Metz.
While DAB+ was in the spotlight at the Fête de la Radio, this technology continues to roll out in the regions, and will pass the symbolic milestone of covering 50% of the French population this summer. Following on from Besançon, listeners in Metz will now be able to tune in to DAB+ radio and discover Ado "the legendary Hip-Hop and R'nB radio station" and OÜI FM "the only French rock radio station".

DAB+ makes listening to the radio easier and more enjoyable. All the stations available around you simply appear as a list on the receiver's screen. To choose Ado or OÜI FM, simply select the name of the radio station on a DAB+-compatible device. This solution also offers a more enjoyable radio experience: better digital-quality sound, a wider choice of radios and continuity of listening on the move. As with FM, DAB+ radio reception is totally free.

The 1981 group

In Metz, listeners can discover Ado and Oüi FM radios with digital audio quality.

Source : La Lettre Pro

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