UK in-car DAB+ listening on the rise


UK in-car DAB+ listening is on the rise.

Data provided by RAJAR show that DAB+ dominates in-vehicle listening, achieving a 51.2% share of listening in cars, vans and trucks.

RAJAR has announced that 49.5 million adults or 88% of the UK adult population (15+) listened to their selected radio stations each week in the second quarter of 2023. The total average number of weekly hours listened to radio for this quarter was 1.016 billion hours.

Digital platforms
42 million adults aged 15+ now listen to radio via a digital platform (DAB, DTV, online / App or smart speaker) every week.

Platform share of all radio listening
69% of weekly listening hours are consumed digitally. Listening via DAB has a share of 40%, online has a share of 25% and DTV is 4%. AM/FM listening hours are less than a third at 31%.

Mobile/tablet listening
31% of adults 15+ say they listen to live radio via smartphone or tablet at least once a month.

Digital listening hours
In an average week, digital listening accounts for 697 million hours; DAB has a 59% share of digital listening hours, DTV 5%, Website / Apps 15%, Smart Speaker 21%.

Use of smart speakers
63% of speaker users say they use it to listen to the radio, with 33% saying they use it to listen to the radio every day.

Source : Rajar

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