The Pro Letter: Radio Screen puts images on radio stations

Radio Screen is an associated data broadcasting platform for DAB+ and RadioDNS Hybrid Radio. The company wants to give radios the possibility of displaying photo slideshows that illustrate music, presenter interventions as well as commercials on the screens of vehicles equipped with a compatible receiver, simultaneously with their audio program. Details with its creator, Bruno Alberti.

LLPR - Who is this service aimed at and what is the added value of Radio Screen?
BA -
The Radio Screen service is aimed at radio stations positioned on DAB+ that wish to visually illustrate their music programmes, on-air talks and advertising campaigns on the screens of equipped vehicles. The added value of this service is to provide a new experience for the listener and to be able to finance part of the costs of broadcasting DAB+ thanks to the sale of visual campaigns to advertisers.

LLPR - Is this only useful for DAB+ stations?
BA -
No. Indeed, Radios Screen also references its service on RadioDNS which gives radios the possibility to be visually illustrated on FM, DAB or IP. Today, RadioDNS is implemented on Audi, BMW, VW and Porsche. RadioDNS Hybrid Radio seamlessly combines radio broadcasting with Internet connectivity that retrieves the associated data from the radio and displays it in the vehicle's screen resolution.

LLPR - Are advertisers already interested in this service? Is it operational?
BA -
We have launched an experiment with Radio Emotion, which has shown great interest from advertisers, to the point that some campaigns have been sold thanks to the possibility of displaying a visual advertisement simultaneously with their audio campaign. The business model for marketing this service is to increase the price of the radio campaign by 20% to display the advertiser's visual advertisement. The result of the experiment today allows Radio Emotion to finance its broadcasting costs in DAB+ in the Nice area. This experiment has enabled us to prove the interest of this model for radio stations and therefore to open the service to other radio stations.

Source : La Lettre Pro

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